The genuine activity is on the psychological plane

In the Lattice, your awareness was introduced in the virtual program. At the point when you eliminated your cognizance from the virtual program you got back to your body in another augmented experience, the actual universe. Furthermore, when you eliminate your cognizance from the actual body, (this is classified “Demise,” coincidentally, in the event that you are intrigued) you return to Local Express, a condition where your mindfulness isn’t related with an actual body. Local State itself might be a develop of a considerably higher reality. We will all find out when we “bite the dust.”

Thus we need to take a gander at the actual universe we live in as a programmable develop. Since it IS. Furthermore, on the off chance that something is programmable, it is flexible. It very well may be changed. Furthermore, the manner in which we change it is by deliberately settling on decisions about how we need to carry on with our lives. As we continue to say again and again on the show, there are 7 billion of us making a tremendous aggregate reality in the world earth. Up to this point, the douche bags who were playing the game (us) had no idea that we were anything over bits of meat strolling around on the game board, and that our awareness was subject to the body, and that when we pass on, we’re dead.

Alright, so that was an incredibly fun game that we plaid for quite a while. In any case, the time has come to play a greater and a superior game. We as people can help everybody, and the Earth herself, by choosing (programming) the most elevated conceivable arrangement of potential real factors for our lives. By doing this we pick a higher arrangement of potential signs from the assortment of all conceivable showed real factors. This all occurs outside the body reality, outside standard science, and the opposite side of the duality. These folks can’t prevent us from picking a brilliant future, yet they can endeavor to convince us from picking a genuine fourth-level cognizance, through shrewdly planned publicity and influence.

The main region in this picking a-potential-future is correspondences and hardware

The promotions I see for telephones show individuals completely submerged in a computerized or augmented reality (made by others) and totally overlooking “this present reality.” These commercials show individuals absolutely and totally subject to their electronic gadget. This is an unobtrusive approach to showing you that you truly have no power, that the genuine power lies in the working arrangement of the telephone and the applications made by others. Furthermore, obviously, on the grounds that we live in a duality, there is likewise the splendid side of the force of these telephones: the ability to share data, video, and encounters on your organization, and to associate with one another on a planetary premise. For this reason I say that we are in the main time in mankind’s set of experiences.

By and large we are on the cusp of settling on individual choices that will influence the aggregate for the following a few centuries

Now is the ideal opportunity, as Charlie Parker, the extraordinary saxophonist, communicated in his melody, “This moment’s the Opportunity.” A large portion of us are not deliberately mindful of how significant this time is in mankind’s set of experiences. That is the manner by which it’s forever been. There are dependably a couple of visionaries like Hicks and Chopra and other people who are bringing up the right way, and a couple of on the opposite side who are taking part in pessimism. And afterward there is the one standard deviation in the center, the 2/3rds of the populace who don’t appear to be ready to have an independent perspective; who, similar to sheep, are moved without a doubt by the most recent crazes and molds and image structures.

Indeed, young men and young ladies, as Esther Hicks generally said, “There will never be a group on the main edge.” A great many people aren’t even mindful that there IS a main edge! All in all the vast majority simply feel that life will be life and that there’s nothing mind blowing about today when contrasted with a long time back or quite a while back or quite a while back. They simply glance around and believe that life will be life and human instinct is human instinct and that nothing has truly changed a lot throughout the years with the exception of that we live more easily now.

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